South African magazines

Lists of South African magazines and journals

  • Fairlady: Modern South African women’s magazine. The magazine featuring fashion, love, health tips, relationships, hair & skin care, fitness, exercise, careers, book, community, and more.
  • Destiny
  • Getaway
  • Hype
  • ‎SA Rugby Magazine
  • You:
    Sister magazine of Huisgenoot. You is a family magazine published in Cape Town by Media24. The magazine primarily popular among English-speaking readers in South Africa.
  • Sarie: Popular women’s magazine published in South Africa. The magazine published fortnightly and contains articles about society, lifestyles, latest fashion, relations, recipes, jewelry, markets, marriage, wedding, health, gossip, travel destinations, money, and more.
  • Rooi Rose: South Africa’s monthly women’s magazine. The magazine published by Caxton magazine covering health, relationships, career, money, family and fitness tips, weight loss advice, beauty & fashion, self-improvement, and more.
  • Huisgenoot: Weekly Afrikaans-language general interest magazine. Huisgenoot is one of the largest selling magazines published in South Africa. The magazine covering celebrity, human interest stories, entertainment, and more.
  • Engineering News: Weekly news magazine covering a wide range of South African industries including agriculture, automotive, chemicals, construction, defense, electricity, environment, steel, telecommunications and transport.
  • Weg: Afrikaans language travel magazine. Weg magazine owned by the Media24 division of Naspers.
  • Something Wicked: Quarterly magazine in South Africa about horror, science fiction, scary stories, and fantasy. The magazine published by Inkless Media Publishing. Something Wicked magazine was founded in 2006.
  • Amandla: South Africa’s progressive magazine. The magazine featuring politics, current issues, economy, current events, film reviews, labor movements, book, culture, music, photography, economy, gender issues, and more.
  • Brainstorm: Leading computer magazine published in South Africa. The magazine featuring latest IT market news, career in information technology, software, hardware, internet, multimedia, antivirus software, computer graphics, latest games, buyers guide and more.
  • Drum: South African’s family magazine featuring market news, entertainment, features, and more.
  • Financial Mail
  • JOY‎
  • Odyssey Magazine
  • SA Flyer‎
  • Zigzag
  • Railways Africa
  • African Pilot‎
  • Chimurenga
  • Nomad Africa‎
  • Noseweek
  • ‎South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science
  • Naked Motoring
  • Ballito
  • ‎Buzz South Africa
  • Celeb Gossip
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