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List of Iraq Newspapers and News Site

Shafaq News

Hatha Alyoum



Independent Kurdish newspaper was founded 2006 by Asos Ahmed Hardi.

Iraqi News

An English-language news site covering wide range topics including politics, business, social issues, security, culture, entertainment, sports, human rights, and more.

Al Sabah Al Jadid

Arabic-language newspaper contains articles about politics, culture, sports, economic affairs, science and technology, Arab affairs, and more.

Bas news‎



Buratha News Agency


Popular Iraqi newspaper based in London, United Kingdom. The newspaper also published in Baghdad, Iraq.

Al Mada

Arabic-language newspaper published in Iraq.

Alsumaria TV

Iraq News Network


National Iraqi News Agency

Afaq TV

Independent Press Agency (IPA)


Kurdish political daily newspaper published by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Arabic-language news source covering Middle East and Arab world.



‎Sotal Iraq

Alsharqiya news‎

All Iraq AIN‎


Iraq Oil Report

Al Adala

Iraqi Communist Party

Iraq 123 News

Al Dawaa

Al Rafidayn

Al Iraq Al Youm

Al Sabaah

Kurdish Globe

English-language newspaper published in Iraq. The Kurdistan Region focusing on national news, Middle East news, business, sports, world news, culture, entertainment, sports Iraqi culture, and more. The newspaper distributed in Dohuk, Suleimaniya, Kirkuk, Erbil and other Kurdish localities.

Sumer FM

Iraq Energy

Iraq Daily Journal