Hong Kong Banks

Banks in Hong Kong list: Hong Kong’s banking system is a three-tier system consisting of licensed banks, banks with a restricted license, and deposit-taking banks. In this post we have listed all banks operating in Hong Kong and their online website addresses for anyone considering a banking career, account opening, business transactions and investment, money transfers and exchange in the country.  This list of operational banks in Hong Kong below is a helpful guide on where to start.

List of All Banks in Hong Kong Online

Central Bank of Hong Kong

Incorporated Banks in Hong Kong

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Virtual Banks Incorporated in Hong Kong

Restricted License Banks in Hong Kong

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Deposit-Taking Banks in Hong Kong

  • BCOM Finance (Hong Kong) — 交通財務有限公司
  • BPI International Finance 
  • Chau’s Brothers Finance Company — 周氏兄弟財務有限公司
  • Chong Hing Finance — 創興財務有限公司
  • Commonwealth Finance Corporation 
  • Corporate Finance (D.T.C.)
  • Fubon Credit (Hong Kong) — 富邦財務(香港)有限公司
  • Gunma Finance (Hong Kong) — 群馬財務(香港)有限公司
  • Habib Finance International 
  • Henderson International Finance — 恒基國際財務有限公司
  • HKCB Finance — 香港華人財務有限公司
  • Hung Kai Finance Co. — 鴻基財務有限公司
  • KEB Asia Finance 
  • Kexim Asia 
  • OCBC Inchroy Credit Corporation — 華僑英利信用財務有限公司
  • OCBC Wing Hang Finance Company — 華僑永亨財務有限公司
  • Octopus Cards — 八達通卡公司
  • PrimeCredit — 安信信貸有限公司
  • Public Finance — 大眾財務有限公司
  • Shinhan Asia
    — 新韓亞洲金融有限公司
  • Vietnam Finance Company 
  • Woori Global Markets Asia 
  • Sendra Holdings Limited 
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