List of All Banks in Denmark

Danish Banks list:  There are more than 100 banks in Denmark which includes mortgage banks, domestic banks, foreign-controlled banks, commercial banks and savings banks. Below is a list of all banks and financial institutions operating in Denmark for anyone considering a banking career, account opening, business transactions, money transfers or exchange.

List of Banks in Denmark

Central Bank of Denmark

Top Banks in Denmark

Commercial And Savings Banks in Denmark

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Foreign Banks in Denmark

  • Bank Norwegian Denmark — branch of Bank Norwegian AS, Norway
  • BIL Danmark —  branch of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A., Luxemburg
  • BNP Paribas Fortis Danmark —  branch of BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV Belgium
  • Carnegie Investment Bank — branch of Carnegie Investment Bank AB (PUBL),Sweden
  • Citibank International Limited
  • De Lage Landen Finans Danmark, branch of De Lage Landen Finans AB, Sweden
  • Deutsche Bank AG, Copenhagen Branch, branch of Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
  • Diners Club Danmark, branch of Diners Club Nordic AB, Sweden
  • DNB Bank ASA, branch of DNB Bank ASA, Norway
  • Eurocard Danmark, branch of Eurocard AB, Sweden
  • FOREX Bank, branch of Forex Bank AB, Sweden
  • Forso Danmark, branch of Forso Nordic AB, Sweden
  • Handelsbanken Finans. branch of Handelsbanken Finans AB Sweden
  • Handelsbanken Kredit, branch of Stadshypotek AB, Sweden
  • Handelsbanken, branch of Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ),Sweden
  • Ikano Bank AB (publ), branch of Ikano Bank (publ), Sweden
  • J.P. Morgan Europe (UK), Copenhagen Branch, branch of J.P. Morgan Europe Limited, Great Britain
  • Nordea, branch of Nordea Bank AB (publ), Sweden
  • Nordnet Bank branch of Nordnet Bank AB, Sweden
  • Resurs Bank, branch of Resurs Bank Aktiebolag, Sweden
  • Santander Consumer Bank DK, branch of Santander Consumer Bank AB, Sweden
  • Santander Consumer Bank, branch of Santander Consumer Bank A/S, Norway
  • Scania Finans, branch of Scania Finans AB, Sweden
  • SEB Kort Bank, Danmark, branch of SEB Kort Bank AB, Sweden
  • Siemens Financial Services Danmark, branch of Siemens Financial Services AB, Sweden
  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Danmark, branch of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB(PUBL.),Sweden
  • Swedbank, branch of Swedbank AB (publ), Sweden
  • TeliaSonera Finans Danmark, branch of TeliaSonera Finans AB, Sweden
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Danish filial, branch of the Royal Bank of Scotlandplc, UK
  • UBS (Luxembourg) S.A.,Denmark Branch, branch of UBS (Luxembourg) S.A
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