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Being the other woman was never my plan so I asked my lover to dump his girlfriend


— I’m fed up being his bit on the side — 26 year old lady needs your advice

MY lover and I have the most wonderful, tender s ex and he is my soulmate – but he has a girlfriend and I am only his mistress.

Being the other woman was never my plan.

I am 26 and met the love of my life when we were both 15.

Our close friendship became more heated but we had a row and I moved on to spite him.

That was silly teenage thinking. I quickly found someone else but realised he wasn’t right for me.

Me and my first love were going to get back together but I discovered I was pregnant by my new boyfriend.

I had my daughter and stayed with her father for our girl’s sake but it didn’t work.

We split up within months and I was back with my first love in no time.

He could not cope with being dad to another man’s child so we parted after a few weeks. I was heartbroken.

I plodded on feeling down every day. He got together with another girlfriend and they moved in together but eventually we started up our relationship again behind her back.

She discovered texts between us on his phone and threatened suicide.

So he says he dare not leave her now, even though he doesn’t love her like he loves me.

He and I meet up for wonderful s ex together whenever we can. I organise my life around him.

He is constantly worried about what he is doing because he hates hurting people. I have tried walking away but I can’t.

I see real tears in his eyes when we part and he promises he really will be with me.

I feel sick at the thought of losing him but I cannot bring myself to end it.

I have told him he has a month to sort out his life but I am afraid he will not be able to pluck up the courage to leave her.

Any advice for this lady?