Prankster hangs a portrait of country’s president in an elevator and secretly records people’s hilarious reactions

The prankster left camera running for three hours

Some Russians were pranked into showing what they really think of Vladimir Putin by a blogger who installed a camera and a picture of the Kremlin strongman in a lift.

A prankster, Bashir Dokhov fixed the portrait to the wall of a lift in a Moscow residential block and recorded people’s shocked reactions as they entered the elevator.

The prankster has shared the footage online but says he is not worried that Russian authorities will come after him.

Dokhov left the camera running for three hours as a series of Muscovites came and went from the building.

Despite Putin’s official 69 per cent approval rating, many of their comments were less than loyal with Muscovites declaring the picture ‘horrible’, ‘insane’ and ‘b******t’.

One elderly man exclaimed ‘what the f***’ as he entered the lift before feeling behind the portrait and declaring: ‘They’ve gone insane.’

Another man made a derisive sound when he saw the picture, exclaiming: ‘What a comedy.’

Two women who entered the lift looked amused by the picture, one exclaiming ‘what the f***’, while a younger woman with them looked more concerned.

Another pair of women could not stop laughing when they saw the portrait, offering Putin a mocking ‘good evening’.

After initially exclaiming ‘what the f***’, one of the women covered her mouth and said ‘it can’t be said’ as if realising she should not slander Putin in public.

Nonetheless, she proceeded to bow down before the picture in a mock tribute after they arrived at the right floor while her friend took a photo from outside the lift.

‘This is horrible,’ one of the women said.

An older woman who entered the lift with a dog asked ‘Who put it up there?’ before adding: ‘What a nightmare.’

Another woman was one of several to look behind the portrait as if searching for something hidden there, saying: ‘Are they kidding? Is this for real right now?’.

The final resident in the video was a man who made a similar search in silence, before shaking his head and muttering ‘f***, this is b******t’ as he left the elevator.

Asked if he will face arrest over the video, the prankster said: ‘No-one rang me yet from the prosecutor’s office or the Investigative Committee.

‘I don’t really believe that I will have problems.’

Watch below: