— Nigerian woman suffers abuse and humiliation from husband’s family due to their lack of knowledge.

— The woman is said to have given birth through cesarean section and not “normal Birth”

— The husband family insists she must perform some village rites

Some African traditions and customs have led to a number of unfortunate experiences for people, especially women, in their homes.

Information gathered the report of an unnamed lady who is being accused of infidelity by her husband’s family because she had her last child through cesarean section (CS). This process of childbirth is usually done when the life of the child or the mother might be at risk through normal birth.

The unfortunate experience was shared by a sympathiser, Yinka Ogunnubi (@yinkanubi), on his Twitter page. He also asked for advice from internet users.

According to Yinka’s post, the husband’s family, believe CS is an indication of adultery, and the woman in question needs to go to their village in Delta state, for some rites.

This obviously did not go down well with the new mother but her husband has sided with his family and she is at a loss on the next step to take.