— Tedy Bruschi has another stroke but is ‘recovering well’, according to media reports.

— Former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi recovering from stroke

— Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi suffered stroke on July 4th

Former NFL star Tedy Bruschi recovering after second stroke

Former New England Patriots player Tedy Bruschi is recovering from a stroke, his family says

Former NFL linebacker Tedy Bruschi has suffered another stroke, his charity announced Friday afternoon.

“Yesterday afternoon, Tedy had a stroke, known as a TIA,” Tedy’s Team, a stroke-awareness charity, said in a statement Friday. “He recognized his warning signs immediately: arm weakness, face drooping and speech difficulties. Tedy is recovering well, and would like to thank the nurses, doctors and staff at Sturdy Memorial Hospital for all they have done. Tedy and his family thank you for your ongoing encouragement, and kindly ask for privacy at this time.”

Sturdy Memorial Hospital is in Attleboro, Mass., southwest of Boston and close to Foxboro, home of the New England Patriots, for which Bruschi played his entire 13-year NFL career.

According to the American Stroke Association, TIA stands for transient ischemic attack and is considered a mini-stroke but also a “major warning” that can foreshadow a full-blown stroke. “TIA is a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain. Since it doesn’t cause permanent damage, it’s often ignored,” the ASA writes.


Bruschi, 46, suffered a mild stroke in February 2005, just weeks after he and the Patriots had defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX, but he recovered and played in nine games during the 2005 season.

“The minute I was told I had a stroke, it was never, ‘Woe is me,’ ” Bruschi told The Washington Post’s Mark Maske in October 2005. “It was, ‘What do I have to do to get better?’ . . . I would hope I’m educating everyone about stroke. I feel like I’m the face of stroke.”

Bruschi founded Tedy’s Team in 2005 to raise awareness of stroke and heart disease. (After his first stroke, doctors discovered that Bruschi had a hole in his heart that contributed to the stroke.) He has worked at ESPN since his 2009 retirement and reportedly is slated to replace Charles Woodson on the network’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” show this year.