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Serena Williams won her first US Open match wearing a tutu, and her Fans love it!


Go get it girl! a fan wrote; Catsuit or tutu @serenawilliams is still going to show the world what a fabulous athlete she is! 

During the first round of US Open 2018, Serena Williams wore one-shoulder black athletic tennis dress with a ballerina-esque tutu skirt. And accompanying it a leather jacket, bold fishnet tights, embellished silver sneakers and carried a bag, which had “AKA QUEEN” written on it.

Serena Williams choice of clothing made headlines after an official French Open said she shouldn’t wear a black catsuit – which she wore for medical reasons – to the tournament again. Knowing that the world would be watching what she wore at the ongoing US Open, the 23-time Grand Slam champion played her first match of the tournament wearing a tutu.

For her first match of the US Open, Williams wore a one-shoulder black athletic tennis dress, with a ballerina-esque tutu skirt and embellished silver sneakers. When she walked on court she wore a leather jacket with a utility strap, and carried a bag which had “AKA QUEEN” written on it.

To give her body the same compression the catsuit did, Williams wore black fishnet tights to prevent blood clots. Williams said Saturday she no longer needs to wear the catsuit because she found that compression tights also work to keep her blood circulating.

willing to design dresses for her for life.

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The stunning dress was created by Louis Vuitton and Off-White designer Virgil Abloh in collaboration with Nike, is called the “Queen” and is said to be inspired by Williams.

Earlier this month French Tennis Federation president Bernard Giudicelli told Tennis Magazine that Williams’ body-hugging outfit will no longer be acceptable and one must “respect the game”. The remarked irked people from around the globe, who called the ban misogynistic and racist. After Williams won the match, people cheered what one of them said was a ‘mic-drop’ moment.

Nike, her sponsor, also released a video in tribute to Williams as Giudicelli thought wearing the bodysuit was going way “too far”.