Singer Rihanna pictured in an tense exchange with Hassan Jameel on holiday in Mexico… one month after singer ‘dumped Saudi businessman’

Rihanna captured in a heated argument with Billionaire Boyfriend Hassan Jameel while on holiday in Mexico

In one photo, Rihanna points her finger at Jameel, her other hand holding a blunt, clearly in the middle of making a point.

In another photo, Jameel clutches his chest—a move many may recognize as the signature “I’m lying my ass off to you right now” move.

And in the final photo, Rihanna, Queen of House Fenty and Pope of the High Holy Church of No Fucks Given, looks either distressed or completely over it. Again, blunt in hand.

The couple had reportedly split last month, with a source saying Rihanna has ‘broken his heart’.


They were pictured at the Puerto Vallarta in Mexico on Friday


The couple first made headlines in June 2017 when they were pictured putting on a steamy display in a hot tub in Spain.

Rihanna had never publicly confirmed the relationship but referred to a serious relationship in interviews

She has said:

‘I used to feel guilty about taking personal time, but I also think I never met someone who was worth it before’

Divorced Hassan, 29, comes from one of the world’s richest families, and is the heir to the Abdul Latif Jameel fortune.

Photo credit: dailymail Uk