Reddit Users commended and criticized deepfakes policy

Reddit beats Facebook by rolling out a superior deepfakes policy

Reddit bans only deepfakes that mislead in a malicious way, since not all deepfakes are bad

  • Reddit bans impersonation on its platform
  • Only impersonation that’s satire will still be allowed

Facebook bans manipulated videos & photos ‘deepfake’ ahead of the 2020 election

Reddit bans about impersonation to no longer allow impersonation of an individual or entity in a misleading or deceptive manner. That means the new policies won’t just affect things like misleadingly altered videos (like deep fakes), but could implicate simple lies made by people impersonating others online.

In the announcement post about the updated policies ,a Reddit admin said that Reddit updated the rules to “hedge against things that we haven’t seen much of to date, but could see in the future.Reddit says” impersonation was the second-lowest “class” of reported policy violation on Reddit in 2018, making up only 2.3 percent of reports.) The admin also cited malicious deep fakes of politicians as an example of content the platform is trying to prevent.

The policy also asks for the help of the Reddit community to report any kind of impersonation, whether they are being impersonated themselves or find impersonation content. 


A Reddit spokesperson told Digital Trends, “We will continue to evaluate and evolve the policies, technology, and teams we have in place to protect the integrity of our site and will remain transparent with our community on these issues.”

Reddit clarifies in its post that the ban doesn’t necessarily apply to all deepfakes, just ones that mislead in a malicious way, since not all deepfakes are bad

The policy is currently being commended and criticized by Reddit’s users. But it wouldn’t be Reddit without some Redditors seeing how far they can push the policy’s limits: