Former beauty queen Anita Iseghohi announced that she is separating from her husband after 11 years of marriage.

The norm has it that when a couple come together in marriage, they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. But because of the nature of the world, this is not exactly how things always play out.

Anita Iseghohi, a former beauty queen in Nigeria, has taken to announce her separation from the husband she has been married to for 11 years.

The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria took to her Instagram page to make this announcement captioned: ‘a heavy heart

However, accompanying her declaration to part ways from her husband, Anita also made it clear that she would still maintain good relationship with him. According to her, despite the separation, she and her husband would still remain good and dedicated parents to the three children their relationship had produced.


As much as the cause of the separation of this union would like to be known, Anita has yet to disclose any reason.

According to her, she wants to let sleeping dog lie. Hence, she implored that her fans, friends and followers should respect her privacy at this moment.


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Heavy heart.

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Anita who has known and been with her husband for over 15 years noted on Instagram that the decision to separate from him was not made without great difficulty and a heavy heart. But then, even in the face of separation, she still considered him as family.