Life will humble you. I let it go. As painful as it was, i just had to let it go my friend, I can’t live sad all the time. Its better to deal with the Heartbreaks than to always go to bed with teary eyes. Love is cruel sometimes but when you fall for
wrong people. I loved her, Papa G wrote.

A South African man recently shared details of his heartbreaking love story on social media


Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. A young South African man learnt about love and sacrifice the hard way after he decided to commit to a woman he loved.

The Twitter user identified as Glen_motete shared a thread detailing how his love affair went from perfect to sad in the space of five years.

Glen revealed it all started when he and a girl hooked up. After their love-making session, she cried about heart-break and decided to stick with her. Luckily, their love blossomed and they even had a child together and went on in love for almost five years.

Just like in movies, tragedy stuck when he had a terrible accident that left him seriously injured. It cost him his job and eventually his woman who he revealed was sleeping with his friend after abandoning him in hospital.

Read his heart-breaking posts below:

He advised people to give their all in love but always note that sometimes, the heart can be shattered in a million pieces but that’s how life is. As it is said, nothing good lasts forever.