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Kelly Osbourne Ends Her Year With Addiction Revelation After Report Claims Her Dad Ozzy Is On Deathbed


Ozzy Osbourne on His Deathbed, According to Multiple Media Report

This is trying times for the Osbournes.

Music star Kelly Osbourne used the close of 2019 to make an admission about her own life and where she is heading in 2020. In a sincere year-end post on Instagram, Osbourne admitted to having an alcohol problem and is devoting her new year to staying sober.

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne

The lengthy caption accompanied a series of photos from across 2019 and addressed her decision to be sober going forward.

Meanwhile, Radar Online reports that Ozzy Osbourne is reportedly “on his deathbed” and in a very poor condition.

The ailing Black Sabbath frontman can’t even recognize his wife anymore,” the Radar Online article reads.

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

The source cites an “insider” who allegedly told them:

“Ozzy is in chronic pain and begging to be put out of his misery! He’s in such bad shape that he didn’t even notice Sharon wasn’t there. …

“Ozzy just lies in bed all day, moaning in pain 24/7. He doesn’t know his family half the time and once mistook Sharon for a total stranger, asking her, ‘Who are you?’ …

“Sharon checked on Ozzy every day from London, but now she’s bracing for the inevitable. There have been times when she wanted to kill him, but now she is terrified of a life without him.”

The report adds that “Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne did not respond” to the site’s requests for comment.

Son Jack Osbourne and daughter Aimee Osbourne were left behind in the United States to tend to the ailing rocker, but it marked the first time in 40 years that he was separated from his wife during the holidays.

Osbourne experienced a medical emergency earlier in 2019 after falling in his home. April confirmed the rock legend had fallen in his home during the night, dislodging metal rods placed in his back following 2003 motorcycle accident.

While he was doing well at the time with his recovery, current reports indicate he’s facing a tough battle. Sharon Osbourne has fought similar reports in the past, though.

Ozzy was recently giving interviews to promote his new box set. Based on a video interview published by SiriusXM on December 11, the Black Sabbath singer looked in good shape despite the health struggles he went through earlier this year. You can watch the footage below.

Ozzy also has a new album “Ordinary Man” coming out soon and has been promoting it with new singles and a video for “Under the Graveyard.”

The source that published the report is an established “entertainment and gossip” website launched in 2008 with 11.3 unique monthly visitors according to American Media Inc.