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Instagram finally gets the iOS 13 dark mode treatment

Instagram updates its platform adding support for iOS 13’s dark mode after Apple rolled out iOS 13 to all its iPhones last month, added new and exciting features to iPhones — A dark mode on to Apple’s ecosystem.
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  • Instagram finally rolls out support for dark mode on iOS 13


Instagram has updated its iPhone app to take advantage of native dark mode support in iOS 13, and it makes scrolling through your feed and tapping through Stories much easier on the eyes if you’re not a fan of Instagram’s popping color palette and bright white borders.

Unfortunately, for as nice as it looks, Instagram doesn’t let you toggle the dark mode option on or off within the app itself, as Twitter’s pre-iOS 13 addition of the feature does. That means it has to match your iPhone’s system-wide settings, which is pretty standard right now as most iOS app makers are adding dark mode support for the first time.

That said, it’s always better to have more visual options, and I can’t complain too much about an Instagram experience that is, in my opinion, much improved. For those keen on trying it out, the update is out now on the App Store.