This is what they call the SWEETEST plot-twist ever; after so many days, weeks and even months a guy summoned courage to send a note to his crush.

One guy from California finally decided to send a note to his crush. So that it doesn’t seem creepy, he offered her a cup of coffee and asked to text him if only she did not have a boyfriend. Seeing the sweet note, he got a reply, but not from the girl.

The Twitter user @Dan_TheGreat who goes by the name of Danny on the microblogging site, gave a handwritten note to the girl, along with coffee. “You are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. Text me (xxxx) [Unless you have a boyfriend],” read the note. And if the boyfriend part was not sweet already, he clarified why he handed over a drink: “P.S: Not sure if you even like this drink but I couldn’t walk up to you in your class just to hand you a note :)”

The sweet note and gesture that a few called ‘chivalrous’ on the site surely won many hearts online. And in case you are wondering what was the girl’s response, well, it turns out she has a boyfriend. But finding his note so adorable, the boyfriend texted him back and Tweeple couldn’t handle so much cuteness rather ‘bro-love’.

Danny aka Daniel posted the letter and the text message online and it is going viral with over 1.5K Reply,  74K  Retweet and 375K Like , at the time of writing.

And as expected people, who wouldn’t have enough of this story, couldn’t stop from responding — some praising the bromance while others coming up with ‘plot-twists’.

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