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Sea Grape Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

Sea Grape Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

What is Sea Grape?

Sea Grapes, also known as Coccoloba uvifera, is a flowering plant in the buckwheat family. It’s tree is a has a height of  7-26 feet . It is found in the coastal beaches throughout America and the Caribbean. The tree bark is smooth and yellowish. The fruit has the size of a large marble but a bit tougher than the ordinary grape and it has one large seed The fruit remain green and hard for a long time but eventually one by one they change to their mature deep purple colour when ripe.

Health Benefits of Sea Grape

Strengthen Bones and Joints: Sea Grapes are rich in protein, calcium and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in omega3 group (DHA, EPA, ALA) , effective in soothing inflammation and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Helps Strengthen Eyesight and the Heart: Sea Grapes contain unsaturated fatty acids AA, LA, DHA, EPA and ALA that help to strengthen eyesight and memory, reduce cholesterol, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent oxidation, maintain collagen structure of the arteries, preventing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction.

Helps Prevent Hypertension and Diabetes: Sea Grapes, rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C, is effective in reducing blood pressure due to the ability to promote excretion and maintain normal blood pressure for people with high blood pressure. In addition to vitamin C, Sea Grapes also help control sugar level and activity of free radicals, decrease intracellular accumulation of sorbitol and inhibits the binding of glucose and protein, reducing complications of diabetes.

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Helps Prevent Constipation: Sea Grapes contain very low calories and sugar, enabling good bacterium to digest food and excrete waste quickly which is effective in preventing constipation.

Helps Prevent Goiter: 100g of Sea Grapes contain about 1.8mg Iodine. Consuming 30gr of Sea Grapes a day can provide sufficient Iodine needed for thyroid, help prevent goiter.

Helps Generate Beautiful Skin and Silky Hair: Fat in Sea Grapes helps protect cell membranes, improve elasticity and lower the permeability of the vessel wall to reduce the symptoms of dry skin. Rich with vitamin A, C Sea Grapes are capable of producing collagen and antioxidants and are considered as natural cosmetics that help improve skin, hair and slow the aging process.

Helps Prevent Obesity: Sea Grapes less in sugar but rich in calcium, zinc, iron, vegetable protein, vitamin C and polyunsaturated fatty acids are considered the nutritious and safe food for overweight and dieting consumers.

The Power of Fucoidan: Fucoidan is a natural compound found in various forms of seaweed. It is believed to be an anti-cancer ingredient in sea grape. Fucoidan has also been found to have significant immune system boosting effects, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, and effective in cases of meningitis.

Uses of Sea Grape

Sea Grapes can be used for an alcoholic beverage;

  • The sap of the Sea Grape is sometimes used in the Caribbean for dyeing and tanning leather
  • The decoction made from leaves helps cure asthma, hoarseness and clean wounds
  • The juice and decoction made from the wood, bark, and roots helps in curing dysentery, hemorrhages, venereal disease and skin problems
  • The plants are used to form hedges and also grown in the streets of the cities coming under the coastal regions; these plants are best preferred for landscaping used by the natives of South Florida
  • These plants act as barriers of wind near the coasts and also as hedges surrounding shopping centers and also the parking areas.
  • The trees are providers of excellent shade which gives a resemblance of tropical area near to the sea.

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