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Salmonberry Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

Salmonberry Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

What is Salmonberry?

This fruit is found in the rubus category of plants. these plants originated from the west coast of North America. Salmon berry tree is a shrub that is 1–4 m tall and normally grows in moist places and wetlands. the plant has erect, woody stems that are covered with fine prickles. leaves are usually with three leaflets, 7–22 cm long. the leaf margins are toothed. flowers are 2–3 cm in diameter, with five pinkish-purple petals .the fruits are an ovoid structure of the raspberry, and are 1.5–2 cm long with many drupelets. fruits are normally yellow to orange to deep red colored and the ripe fruit offers delectable aroma and sweet to slightly sour taste which is favorable to several food items.

Health Benefits of Salmonberry

  • These berries are completely cholesterol free.
  • They do not contain any saturated fats.
  • Their high manganese contents make them beneficial for humans.
  • The fruits are also a rich source of the vitamins C and K.
  • It is also rich in vitamin A and helps in protecting us from a host of problems such as that of cataracts, issues pertaining to the skin, pulmonary diseases and cancer. Vitamin A is also essential for a healthy immune system and is vital for healthy eyesight! Another area where vitamin A is highly beneficial is with its production of the compound called ‘calcium phosphate’, which prevents the formation of solid particles in the urinary system.

Uses of Salmonberry

  • They are often used for flavoring candies.
  • Jams and jellies are made from the Salmonberry following simple recipes.
  • They are also used for making wine and other alcoholic beverages.
  • A poultice made from their leaves is used for dressing burns.
  • Decoction of the roots is used for treating various stomach complaints.
  • The decoction is also useful for lessening labor pain.
  • The bark of these plants is powdered to be used for treating burns and soars.
  • Poultice made from the bark is applied to ease tooth ache and to cure open wounds.
  • The fruits are sometimes used for obtaining a bluish or purple dye.
  • The plants of this species are often grown as ornamental plants.

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