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How To Quit Smoking

Smoking withdrawal: Truth being said, it is not easy to quit smoking (weed, nicotine patches, cessation, tobacco, cigarettes, etc.)  habit even after realizing how harmful smoking is to health. Many smokers have attempted to stop smoking several times but they soon relapsed.

Although, quitting smoking might be difficult, there is proof that it is possible because according to recent findings from the United States, about 1.3 million people quit smoking annually without relapsing anymore. That stats alone show how possible it is to stop smoking.

Now to the real deal. If you are have you been finding it very hard to stop smoking, Below are 8 proven tips that can help you quit smoking successfully just as many others have done without the need to relapse.

Gradual Ways To Stop Smoking

1. Have a positive mindset

You have to be optimistic if you must have a strong determination to quit smoking. You must tell yourself that it is possible because others have done it and succeeded. I strongly advice that you read other people’s testimony on how they quit smoking habit without relapsing.

Remember that you will not achieve any goal to defeat a habit if you do not determine to stop it. It might not be easy at first but developing a positive mindset will help heal such habits due to strong will.

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2. You just have to be realistic

Quite a few number of ex-smokers quit smoking successfully by decision to stop all at once. Most people have tried using this method but find themselves smoking again. While this looks like the best option, it is extremely very, very difficult.

To make things a lot easier, always be realistic. Remember, smoking as an addiction has your brain wired to daily doses of nicotine; Smoking habit is a demon that will fight back once you suddenly take a strong decision to quit it.

If it works for you, the better but If this approach doesn’t work for you, don’t force yourself in making it work. You’ll might end up depressed.

3. Avoid alcohol

You have to avoid taking alcohol because alcohol increases the body’s craving for nicotine. Nicotine is a substance found in caffeine, alcohol, cigarette that increases addiction. You need to avoid these thing to avoid relapsing. When you have the urge to take alcohol, find a distraction, like chewing gum, reading, e.t.c.

4. Don’t be an idle person

To quit smoking successfully, you would more than personal determination. And being idle and alone won’t yield the desired result if you are to quit smoking. Loneliness as a factor can trigger in you, the urge to smoke. Find a friend that you can confide in to help you achieve your objective by monitoring your progress.

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I also strongly believe that telling your close friends and family members that you are trying to quit smoking will bring encouragement, needed advice and succor to you. Engage in something worth while, don’t give idleness a space in your life. With time you will forget anything called cigarette.

To sharpen you determination, read motivating stories of ex-smokers. You might opt to see a counselor for necessary advice or join an online support group for more motivation.

5. Are you on a diet, eat vegetables and fruits

Eating vegetables and fruits with low-fat diary products  according to research can make cigarette taste terrible. You only have to be consistent with these practice. The advantage of eating fruits is that it helps you keep your weight in check, fights diseases and other health benefits accrued to eating fruits and vegetables.

6. Exercise matters

Sometimes, stress can trigger the urge to smoke. It is better to avoid things that would lead to stress, so that you can avoid smoking. On the long run, if you had a stressful day, you can relive such stress by engaging in mild exercises like aerobics, after which you take your shower then rest.

7. Avoiding smoking tempting factors

Do you have friends in school, colleagues at work that engage in smoking? Its high-time you start avoiding such company. Do you think you can quit smoking without doing away with its temptations? Then re-think because it is not possible. If seeing people smoke merely reawaken the urge in you, avoid such places where smokers gather most especially the bars and the clubs.

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In addition to avoiding your friends that engage in smoking , get rid of all “smoking memorabilia”, such as lighters, ashtrays and cigarette packs from your house and place of work.

8. If you relapse, do not give up

Relapsing is quite normal for anyone that wants to stop addiction of any kind, and smoking is not different. You might find yourself in this category, after quitting for a while. Find out the cause of relapsing, then avoid such cause and reapply these tips.

Just don’t give up as people who had successfully quit smoking  also had difficult times but never gave up. If you don’t give up, you’ll quit successfully, one day.

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