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Golden Apple Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

Golden Apple Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

What is Golden Apple?

The Golden apple also known as spondias dulcis is an equatorial or tropical tree, with edible fruit containing a fibrous pit. The skin of golden apple is originally green and it becomes golden upon ripening. The skin is basically tough and crisp. the skin of a golden apple fruit is also very shiny with an almost plastic appearance.

The interior flesh of the golden apple fruit is extremely soft, juicy, and its taste is just like a pineapple’s taste. Similar to a mango, golden apple possesses tough fibers which tend increase the more the fruit ripens.

The pit of the golden apple is filled with an inedible wooden core which seems exactly like a smaller version of a mango’s core. Inside this wooden core of the golden apple, there are about one to five flat seeds. This fast-growing tree can reach up to 20 m (66 ft) in its native range of Melanesia and Polynesia; however, it usually averages 10–12 m in other areas. Golden apple has deciduous, pinnate leaves, 20–60 cm in length, composed of 9 to 25 glossy, elliptic or obovate-oblong leaflets 9–10 cm long, which are finely toothed toward the apex. The tree produces small, inconspicuous white flowers in terminal panicles.

Health Benefits of Golden Apple

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Eye Health: The vitamin A in the fruit Golden apple thus plays an important role in the health of human visual perception. This vitamin helps distribute items that are received by the retina of the eye to the brain as an image. Compounds that play a role in this regard is retinol.

As an antioxidant: The high content of Vitamin A that Golden apple fruit has can act as antioxidants. In addition to vitamin A, Golden apple fruit also contains vitamin C. Of course, these two types of vitamins is very active as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals. Both free radicals from the body oxidation as well pollution from outside.

Preventing heart disease: The presence of calcium contained in the fruit Golden apple thus plays an important role in maintaining cardiovascular health. By regularly consume fruit Golden apple that heart disease will be overcome.

Wound healing: With the content of Vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy tissues in our bodies. Therefore this Golden apple fruit can help accelerate the process of wound healing.

Overcoming anemia: Iron content in 100 grams of Golden apple is 30 milligrams, and can assist in the formation of red blood cells. In addition to iron, apparently Golden apple fruit also contains vitamin B1 can help the production of red blood cells and increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body and prevent anemia.

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Controlling cholesterol levels: In addition to anti-aging, vitamin C contained in fruit Golden apple also helps metabolize cholesterol into bile acids, which may have implications for blood cholesterol levels and the incidence of gallstones. So this Golden apple fruit useful to control your cholesterol levels.

Recovery of body: It certainly can not be separated from the content of vitamin C in fruit Golden apple so it can help to keep the immune system and help the athlete in his recovery process after a strenuous workout.

Maintain healthy bones and teeth: This is due to the phosphorus content contained on Golden apple fruit so beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Prevent premature aging: Not only kiwi and mango are vitamin C, because Golden apple also have the same content. The content of vitamin C can protect important molecules, such as proteins, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from damage caused by free radicals, toxins, or pollutants. Free radicals are one of the causes of premature aging.

Uses of Golden Apple

Golden apple is most commonly used as a food source. The fruit may be eaten raw; the flesh is crunchy and a little sour

  • The young leaves are used as seasoning, the fruit is made into preserves and flavorings for sauces, soups, and stews
  • In Costa Rica, the more mature leaves are also eaten as a salad green though they are tart. However, it is most commonly used for its fruit.
  • In Indonesia and Malaysia, it is eaten with shrimp paste, a thick, black, salty-sweet sauce called hayko in the Southern Min dialect of Chinese.
  • In Fiji it is made into jam.
  • In Sri Lanka the fruit is soaked in vinegar with chili and other spices to make the snack food acharu.

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