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Davido reveals how his dad sent 50 policemen to arrest his manager, ex-girlfriend


— Davido grants Charlamagne interview on THE BREAKFAST CLUB

Davido was guest at breakfast show hosted by CharlamangeThagod where he got to talk about how music started for him and how his dad sent policemen to arrest his manager, girlfriend and show promoter because he wasn’t in support of the career initially.

According to Davido, it wasn’t an easy road for him initially as his dad wanted him to finish school and join the family business.

“I remember the first show, I was upstairs in the green room, and was about to come down, I looked down and there were like 50 policemen. Back then they took my ex, they arrested her, they took my road manager, they arrested the promoter.

“I remember I went through the back fence, was running. I picked up the phone and my dad was like, if you don’t come to the police station, all your friends are going to jail. I got to the police station and the policeman’s phone starts ringing and it was my song playing. He let us go at some point,” he said.

Davido went on to share with the OAPs how his father became sold into his music career after he saw the massive appreciation he was getting not just from fans but presidents, billionaires(father’s friends).

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In case you don’t know, Davido is presently touring the United States of America for his ‘The Locked Up’ your. He would be visiting a number of cities where he would performing including New York City. Back home, he registered for this year’s NYSC orientation programme a few weeks ago which came as a surprise.