— Kizz Daniel apologises to his manager Tumi, after Davido reportedly slapped him at his concert

Singer Davido has come under fire after the news of his altercation with fellow artiste Kizz Daniel’s manager. It is rumoured that the award winning IF singer allegedly slapped Lawerence during his EKO Atlantic concert in Lagos yesterday. Many Nigerians did not find the news pleasant as they took to social media to express their disappointments in Davido’s act,

How it all started:

Nigerian music star, Davido, held his music concert at Eko Atlantic on December 27


Organising events is not easy as the pressure often lies on the show host to bring out the best. However, that is no excuse for bad behaviours. Nigerians were thrilled to attend music star Davido’s music concert which held on December 27 at Eko Atlantic.

Things seemed to have gone smoothly till reports filtered out that the star had slapped Kizz Daniel’s manager

The audience waited in anticipation for his joint performance with another music star, Kizz Daniel, but that did not happen.

Later on, Kizz Daniel’s manager, Tumi Lawrence, took to his social media handles to slam Davido despite not revealing the reason behind his call out. He tweeted: “F*ck you and your fake love @iam_Davido “And to you guys that witnessed it, shame on you @bizzleosikoya @AsaAsika.”

A Twitter user, identified as Peter @peteruonion, took to his handle to explain what had transpired between Davido and Lawrence. According to him, the star had slapped the music manager and also poured his drink on him.

To show solidarity, it was gathered that Kizz did not perform at the event but Davido still proceeded to perform the star’s song on his own.

See tweets below:

Kizz Daniel also took to commenting on Lawrence’s Instagram page to apologise as well as show support.

See some reactions below:

Commenter 1:Have always said this Davido is one ignorant bastard the fall of a man is proudness yet some fool will say his better than wizkid 🙄🙄

Commenter 2: this guy is the biggest fool in Africa I pray one day davido will shoot your mother father or sister

Commenter 3:The show was totally rough all through right from the moment baba enter stage like a superman 😂to the moment where cubana hief priest was throwing money to the fans,like for real it was fucking unorganised.Davido and crew members gra gra to much biko.


Commenter 4:@iam_davido the rich also cry remember… even strongest men dey fall … waka small small oo

Commenter 5:Let’s just respect each other and be responsible without any tramadol sha

Commenter 6:Davido is a fighter he goes about bullying people…those of you that wants to be in Chioma’s shoes I pity una

Commenter 7:He should go and try that nonsense with Olamide gang,bodies for full hospitals now

Commenter 8: he is too full of himself how can you slap your fellow hustler manager he lack respect for kizz

Commenter 9: you matured enough to say this David is human e got emotions too stop with this hate😤

_emeryl@capt_carter1 not cause I’m a fan, but wtf is “and Davido asked who is that, they said Kizz daniel’s manager and he dragged him out and slapped him” howwwww?????

Commenter 10: no matter what no one have the right to slap someone… best he could have do is ask

Commenter 11: he is a First Class idiot. Is he a president of a nation. He won’t last in the industry forever. Some were there before him and some will remain after him. Only a bloody stacked illiterate would behave that way.

Commenter 12: I swear @iamkizzdaniel deserve some accolades… kaiii? It’s not easy but las las everybody go dey alright.

Commenter 13: someone came to grace your occasion n the best u can do is to slap them haba!

Commenter 14:I’m not surprised even if nobody fights at the concert Davido must fight somebody…Omo’ota! I was expecting this though. Kizz is a real man👍

Commenter 15: he never see person Wey go beat his ass out ni

Commenter 16: I swear him dey fuck up always. And him forget say no be so life be ni. I pray make men no reason am some day sha.

Commenter 17: This Davido guy is a spoilt brat 😠

Commenter 18:Y’all see why I love Ayo @wizkidayo 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Commenter 19: @iamkizzdaniel please let davido leave oo, since he already start shakara and he’s already putting his shoulder up… You and your manager, one ticket obodo oyinbo 😂 😂…. #King kizz

Commenter 20:Kiss a true example of a well trained and cultured man .

Commenter 21: even if there is beef the fact that he came for the show he is not suppose to slap him he fucking disrespected Kizz

Commenter 22: Well I won’t say what davido did is right, all I know is that kiss Daniel act like a wise man he was

Commenter 23:Davido fans don’t do fake love because starboy dey there for you guys and bad energy like davido can stay far away because wizzy full ground for you guys…..🤣🤣🤣🤣

Commenter 24:All of you guys are blaming someone when non of you where there when the thing happened. You guys should be careful on how you insult ppl because of what you hear about them. If the give you guys chance you will do worst more than Davido or Kiss Daniel .

Commenter 25:Ur just the oldest babe i know rude n disrespectful.. u truly an ambassador of fake love 😏😏