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JOKER! Tupac Shakur Fans Livid Over Bronze Statue Built In His Honor


This Is Another Butchered Celebrity Replicas, Fans Claim

Tupac Shakur statue labelled a “joke” by fans who claim it looks nothing like rapper

A bronze statue of rap legend Tupac Shakur was erected in Dallas recently but fans claim it doesn’t look anything like him.

Tupac bronze statue goes viral after rap fans revealed their shock amid claims it looks nothing like the ‘Changes’ rapper.

Tupac is one of the most important rappers to have ever picked up a microphone, so it makes sense that a statue of the late rapper would be created to celebrate his life.

Well a tweet showing a bronze statue of Tupac has gone viral

A twitter user posted a photo of the statue in question on her timeline and claimed it was a new tribute to late rap icon Tupac Amaru Shakur located in Dallas.

The internet found itself revisiting the topic of butchered celebrity replicas, after a twitter user shared a photo of a bronze statue of late rap icon Tupac on social media via her handle with the caption “New Tupac statute in Dallas, what’s your thoughts”

Tupac dressed in a suit with a huge cross around his neck and what appears to be a Bible grasped in one hand. Twitter users were further confused as to why the statue was even built in the Texan metropolis in the first place considering that Tupac had no known ties to the city.

After the photo made its rounds throughout the Internet, other fans also noted that the statue is not newly built nor is it actually located in Dallas as they were initially led to believe. The statue in the photo once stood in front of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Founded in 1997, Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother, opened the to help provide opportunities for children who were interested in the arts. Over a decade after its opening, Afeni sold the center for 1.2 million in August 2015. She also had the statue removed from the property.

The statue was meant to portray the rapper. However, social media wasn’t buying it. Twitter users were quick to point out the inconsistencies between the rapper and the statue’s facial features.

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