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Breaking: German shooting: 6 dead, others seriously injured in Rot am See attack — Police report


Germany: Shooting in Rot am See, several presumed dead in the south-west German town of Rot am See.

German news agency dpa reports that six people have been killed and several were injured in a shooting in southwestern Germany.

Aalen police said several people were injured and some were killed in the shooting early Friday afternoon, but haven’t confirmed the number of fatalities.

German shooting police report

A spokesman for Aalen police said a suspect was arrested after the shooting and no further suspects are believed to be at large.

Police spokesman Holger Binert told German broadcaster n-tv that initial information suggested the suspect and one or more of the victims knew each other.

Rot am See is located about 170 kilometers (105 miles) northwest of Munich

There was no evidence that anyone else was involved in the shooting, they said.

The Bild website reports that those killed in the attack were family members, but there has been no confirmation from police.

Two people were seriously wounded, reports said.

The shooting happened at around 12:45 (11:45 GMT) in a building in the Bahnhofstrasse that features a restaurant. Police said they responded with a major operation.

Rot am See is a small town of some 5,000 residents in the Schwäbisch Hall district north-east of Stuttgart, and local reports say the suspect is in his 30s.

Police appealed to the public not to speculate on what led to the shooting and said further details would be released later on Friday.


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