Home Entertainment New Music: ‘Courage’ by Celine Dion | Download – Listen Now

New Music: ‘Courage’ by Celine Dion | Download – Listen Now


Celine Dion Officially Drops New Album Titled “Courage”

Courage World Tour Happening Soon

Celine Dion has officially dropped her new album Courage and you can listen to it right here!celine-dion-courage

Celine also is featuring the song “Flying On My Own” on the album. She debuted the track on the last night of her 16-year Las Vegas residency.

This is Celine‘s first English-language album in six years and it features the already released songs “Imperfections,” “Lying Down,” and title track “Courage.”

Hit play and enjoy!

Recall that Celine Dion’s husband and one-time manager, Rene Angelil, passed away in 2016.

The powerhouse Canadian vocalist, chart-topper, couture fashion icon, Las Vegas mainstay and soon-to-be biopic focus lost her mooring, the center of her gravity.

He’d helped pick her songs, her arrangements and her clothes, and, for better or worse, became Dion’s everything.

Save for that voice, that lyric soprano with three octaves and its mighty level of duration and shading. That was, and is.