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Shocking! 2 Holy Nuns Get Pregnant During Missionary Trip To Africa


Catholic church investigates after two nuns get pregnant while working in Africa

Two nuns went to Africa and came back pregnant. The Catholic church is investigating

Recall that earlier this year, Pope Francis spoke about widespread abuse in the Catholic church, including sexual abuse of nuns by male members of the clergy, calling it a “serious, grave problem.”

The Pope also said to his 18million followers on Twitter that some nuns had been sexually abused by priests and bishops, even using them as sex slaves.

He also acknowledged that sexual abuse of nuns “was still taking place”.

Speaking to reporters on a historic tour of the Middle East in February, the pontiff said the church had an issue and “the roots lay in society seeing women as second class”.

And now, two women, who belonged to different orders in Sicily, Italy, both became pregnant while visiting their home countries, according to the Italian outlet ASNA.

One woman, a mother superior, discovered her pregnancy while working with “fallen women and their children” and left Italy for her home country of Madagascar, the ASNA report said.

The second woman complained of stomach pains upon her return to Italy and discovered via an ultrasound that she, too, was pregnant, according to the ASNA report. Both women are unsurprisingly expected to leave the order to raise their children.

The church announced that the investigation would prioritize the welfare of the children over the nuns’ violation of chastity vows.

It could just be a miracle, but the Catholic church is investigating how two nuns became pregnant while on separate missionary trips in Africa.