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#RIPMugabe: Good and Not So Good Condolence Messages — Reactions Flood Internet


Robert Mugabe Death: It’s a love hate thing here, one commenter shared.

The US Embassy sends a message of condolence

The United States Embassy in Harare has tweeted their condolences to Mugabe’s family and to the people of Zimbabwe, focusing on Mugabe’s “legacy in securing” the country’s independence.Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has died at the age of 95,3

The Present President of Zimbabwe Condolence

British politicians, Peter Hai

“I’m not going to shed any tears:” British politicians reflect on Mugabe’s divisive legacy
Labour peer Peter Hain, a former Africa minister and anti-apartheid campaigner, called Mugabe “a tragic case study of a liberation hero who then betrayed every one of the values of the freedom struggle.”

Speaking to the Press Association, Hain said that Mugabe’s “legacy will be very two-sided.”

“On the one hand (he was a) brave liberation hero who suffered imprisonment and torture and whom anti-apartheid activists like myself at the time were thrilled to see elected … with a promise to build a new, non-racial Zimbabwe. That will be the positive memory.”

“But the overwhelmingly negative memory that everybody will have, I think, is of that liberation hero who … betrayed all the values of the freedom struggle and became corrupt, repressive, dictatorial, self-serving and ruthless in eliminating opposition and becoming increasingly interested in enriching himself and impoverishing his own people.”

Opposition Labour Party MP and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said that she’s “not going to shed any tears” over Mugabe’s death.

Speaking on the BBC’s Radio 4 she said:

“I’m not going to shed any tears I’m afraid for the death of Mugabe. He took over the country when it had such promise and we were all so hopeful. In fact, we were hopeful about him, but he completely lost his way and I think ruined the chance of a country that did have a great future.”

See more heartfelt reactions below:

While many shared their heartfelt condolence messages, some others did not hesitate to share how they felt to the rulings of ex-Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe: