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Forbes under fire over 100 Most Innovative Leaders 2019 List


— Forbes accused of gender bias for list of top US innovators

— American business magazine Forbes under flak after it unveiled a list of 100 Most Innovative Leaders that included only one woman.Forbes most innovative leaders 2019

On Friday, Forbes released its “America’s 100 Most Innovative Leaders” list. Featuring tech giants like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, it held very few surprises, apart from one glaring issue: The lineup only included one woman. Ross Stores CEO Barbara Rentler was ranked 75 on the list. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the social media outcry to begin. “Not even a photo of Barbara Rentler,” one Twitter user wrote.

The imbalanced list raised many questions over how the rankings were actually decided. Per the publication, two male business school professors and a male consultant compiled the rankings, which were decided based on four factors: media reputation for innovation, social connections and capital, track record for value creation, and investor expectations for value creation.

The list included 99 men with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk occupying the first spot and the only woman Barbara Rentler, CEO of Ross Stores was placed at the 75th spot.

The reported titled, “Who are the most creative and successful business minds of today?” has triggered angry reactions on social media, with many slamming the US magazine. Many also expressed disappointment over the fact that not only was there one woman named in the list but also that the magazine had failed to include her picture in the index.

A user went ahead and shared a picture of Rentler and tweeted, “Fixed this for you, @Forbes… Here’s the photo of Barbara Rentler (the only woman you could find) for your Top 100 Most Innovative Leaders list – but somehow couldn’t track down a single photo of… Welcome to 2019.”