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60+ Challenging Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers


Playing video games is always fun and enjoyable. People of all age groups including the kids, teenagers, and adults love video games. According to a study, more than 1.2 billion of the world’s population likes to play video games.

With the passage of time, there is a rapid technological change in the gaming industry. And the creation of Play station is one of its best examples. The Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, and Ps4 have totally revolutionized the world of video games. People love them and they just love them more.

Many people are also addicted to video games and the play station has dramatically increased the number of such populace. On the other hand, a large majority also like playing PC games.

But there is one problem!

How many of the video game players are aware of the information of these games? How many of them know about when their favorite game was released? Do all the players really know if the game is for Play station or Xbox? Do they remember the clothes and colors of their favorite gaming character? Do they????

Which year’s top 10 grossing video games are available on PS4?


Which year the Fallout 3 was released?


Which game of the PS4 has more players than Xbox One and Windows PCs combined?

Star Wars: Battlefront

Most of us have played Atari games. What does “Atari” mean?


In which game, every assassinated person is a real one with accurate death date and place?

Assassin’s Creed

What does Mario jumps on after completing a level?

Flag Pole

Which year the Minecraft was released?


Which year the Minecraft was released?


Homefront was a war game against which country?

North Korea

What is another name of Counter Strike?


How many maximum controllers are supported by Ps3 system?


The Character Master Hands is in which game?

Smash brothers

Which year the Bishockinfinite was released?


In play station Network, only what types of messages are allowed to be left for the other users?

Text messages

Which PC game was delayed in the release because of a hidden picture of a developer’s ass?

Halo 2

What does NES stand for?

Nintendo Entertainment System

Who is the brother of Liquid Snake?

Solid Snake

Which year the PS4 was released?


Name the USB webcam that work with the PS3 system.


What is the name of the princess whom Mario repeatedly stops Bowser from kidnapping?

Princess peach

Which planet size is approximately same as the Minecarft?


How many games are released on the Bluray disc of PS3?


Name the all-time highest grossing game.

World of Warcrafts.

What’s the name of MEgaman in Japan?


In which Ps4 game, your phone is the controller?

Hidden Agenda

Hard Video Game trivia Questions and Answers

In Australian customs, what thing in games is classified as Child Porn?

Drug Use

Which virus was decoded after playing Foldit?

AIDS Virus

Name the charcter abused by Mario?

Donkey Kong

What’s the color of the wings of Dragon in Sypro?


How many games were first released at the launch of Ps3?


How many games were first released at the launch of Ps4?


What is the playing mode of World of Warcrafts?


Where was the first PS3 released?


Which year the Grand Theft Auto V was released?


In which game, you can find dog meat in Cake of broken dreams?

Fallout 2.

Who developed Destiny 2?


True or False. In the original Arcade version of the Donkey Kong, Mario was a plumber.

False, he was a carpenter.

In the game Overcooked, which kingdom is in danger?

Onion Kingdom

Which PS4 game is released on January, 26, 2018?

Dragon Ball Fighters

Who is the main character of Grand Theft Auto 4?

Niko Bellic

Which field of study is the basis of the Tomb of Raider?


In how many languages The Nintendo DS Lite available?


Black Ops is a subtitle of which PS4 game?

Call of Duty

Black Ops is a subtitle of which PS4 game?

Call of Duty

What’s the color of Pacman in Pacman256?


How many characters are there in the great theft?


In which year, the FIFA 2 was released?


For what purpose the SimCity2000 was designed?

As a PC game

In which year Castlevania released?


Aquaman is a character of which Ps4 game?


Which Ps4 game is based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series?

The Wolf Among Us.

In which year Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishments was released?

In 2014

Name the creator of Ps4?

Mark Cerny

Saintrow is an Xbox game or a Play station?


Which game has no sequels in North America?

Elite Beat Agents

Which game of 2009 allows players to choose between being heroic or MacGrath's newly-acquired electrical powers?


In which 2011 Atlus puzzle game does the player take on the role of Vincent Brooks?


Resident Evil 7 is released in which year?


What is the name of the primary protagonist of the (God of War) series for the Play station 2 and 3?


Which character of the Brutal Legend is voiced by Lemmy from Motorhead?

Kill Master

In which game the characters can “Kicharge” their alkin level?

Dragon Ball Fighters