Home Relationship Unique Love Messages and Quotes For Lovers especially on Valentine

Unique Love Messages and Quotes For Lovers especially on Valentine


Express your love with messages and make your lover, love you more and more.

Check out our unique collection of love messages and quotes for lovers.

♪ We met when we were toddlers.

We did not know what love was.

We grew to be teenagers who wanted to feel loved though we did not know what it felt to be loved.

Now we are young adults that have known that love is both sweet and bitter and we are still growing strong.

Together our hairs will grow gray, because our love is to stay.

♪ They asked me the color of your eyes. I told them lies because I was afraid they would steal you from me, because you are the only guy with the hottest blue eyes.

♪ Love stories have been told,
love poems have been recited,
love letters have been written,
love songs have been sang,
but none of them can explain our love story.
They all forgot to include our episodes.

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♪ I like it when you fit your fingers inside mine. I always feel like I am the strongest woman in the world because I can hold hands with the owner of the world, you.

♪ As long as the sun rises from the East, it is you I will remain to miss. As long as it sets in the West, you will always remain to be my best.

♪ As long as my heart resides in the left, I will be a prisoner in your cell for thefts and trespassing in your chest.

♪ Two different hearts which are miles apart.

But this mysterious force called love makes them one.

That is you and I, I love you so much.

♪ My love for you runs deeper than words will ever be able to describe.

♪ Being able to be in your presence is the greatest feeling in the world.

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Everyone I run into can see the effect you have on me.

You have change me for the better and I am eternally grateful to you for this.

♪ As long as there are twenty-four hours in a day, I will love you more each hour of the day and as long as tomorrow comes after today, my love for you will be stronger tomorrow than today.

♪ You and I are invincible.

Nothing can make us breakable.

The only force that can attack us and feel tender is the attraction between us.

It is irresistible.

♪ I love you because you always try.

You do not walk away when I cry.

You do not know how to say good bye.

You stay with me until the tears dry.

♪ My love for you is not blind, it is sighted.

The sparks in us need to be ignited.

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This is made possible by your eyes, because they shine with the brightest rays making me see you my love.

♪ Last night was a cold night.

But I have every beautiful reason to thank you for that tight hold you have me.

I felt the warmth of being loved by you.

♪ It is an amazing feeling when my Lover makes me feel butterflies in my stomach as we watch fireflies fall at night under the moonlight.

♪ The best feeling I ever have is when you call me your sunshine, yet we are watching the moonlight. It tells me that I am not the only one who loses their mind when we are together.

♪ All I wanted was to hear the most romantic song sung by you. You came my way and you not only sang the song, but you also taught me to dance to its tune.