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UK’s richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe plans to relocate to Monaco to ‘avoid £4bn in tax’


— Backlash as UK’s richest man heads to Monaco ‘to avoid tax’

— MPs lead fury as Sir Jim Ratcliffe heads for Monaco ‘to avoid £4bn tax’

— UK’s richest man and Brexit supporter is leaving the country and people aren’t impressed.

Since the EU referendum in 2016, as Brexit negotiations on either side of the channel have become gradually more chaotic, there is the eerie feeling that Brexit is becoming a sinking ship.

A prominent Brexiteer was yesterday accused of insulting Britain by planning to leave the UK to avoid up to £4billion in tax.

After supporting Brexit, Britain’s richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has announced plans to move to Monaco. The 65-year-old who is the CEO of the chemical firm Ineos and has an estimated fortune of £21 billion. He said during the 2016 referendum that he believed Britain would prosper outside of the European Union but isn’t sticking around after Brexit. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Britain’s richest man, was knighted less than a year ago but has reportedly drawn up plans to move his home and his vast wealth to Monaco.

The claim drew fury from politicians who accused the 66-year-old of greed and insulting the country which had knighted him.

Although everyone might be divided on whether Brexit is a good idea, most people can agree that it’s turning out to be very different to what people were promised before entering the polling booth two years ago.

One factor that feeds into the narrative that Brexit is going to be a disaster is the fact that so many of its prominent supporters keep leaving the UK, or making plans to leave.

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