Home Entertainment Kendall Jenner confirms Dating Ben Simmons on Ellen’s Show

Kendall Jenner confirms Dating Ben Simmons on Ellen’s Show


Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons Were Spotted Getting Very Cozy at a New York Restaurant Last Night

Kendall Jenner confirmed she’s dating Ben Simmons — the 22-year-old point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. Yes, people, it’s finally happened! After months of speculation as to whether or not the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was getting serious with the basketball player, we finally have our answer, and we have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for that.

For the first time ever, Kendall confirmed the two of them were dating when she went on the Ellen show on Friday. Ellen showed a picture of Kendall at a 76ers game watching Ben, and she asked her about him.

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Kardashian visited The Ellen Show on Friday, Feb. 8, and DeGeneres spared no expense in getting the question right out there. DeGeneres subtly threw a photo of Kardashian on the sidelines of a basketball game with Simmons in the forefront of the shot playing basketball. DeGeneres asked Jenner whether or not she liked basketball, to which the star replied, “I’ve been into basketball for a little while. I used to go to games with Khloé a lot, and I just got into it.”

But naturally, things took a turn to some ~Hollywood gossip~ when DeGeneres jokingly looks at the picture and asks Jenner, “Who’s that guy that’s in the way?” referring to Simmons.

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“I’m not so sure,” Jenner responded slyly.

“I’m not either. I don’t know anything about basketball,” DeGeneres said, playing it super casual. She continued, saying, “Obviously, you’re dating this guy who’s on this [Philadelphia] 76ers— is that what it’s called?… I don’t know basketball. How long have you been dating him?”

Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend(!) Ben Simmons went out on a date in New York City, and they looked really damn adorable while doing it.

There are lots of pictures of them cuddling up in a booth, sharing some cheek kisses, the works.

There are also some photos of them leaving the restaurant, too, looking cute, walking in the rain like a scene out of a rom-com.

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