Home Sports Jarrell Miller Accuses Anthony Joshua of Drugs Cheat

Jarrell Miller Accuses Anthony Joshua of Drugs Cheat


Anthony Joshua getting worse as drug testing net closes in — Jarrell Miller claims

Miller, who served a doping ban during his kickboxing career, refused to back down on his accusations and suggested Joshua’s form is tailing off because he is unable to dope.

When Jarrell Miller steps in the ring with Anthony Joshua he expects the heavyweight champion to be free of performance-enhancing drugs, despite the challenger insisting his opponent has doped in the past.

The build-up for the heavyweight fight at Madison Square Garden in June has already produced fireworks and now ‘Big Baby’ Miller is laying accusations of doping at Joshua’s feet.

Joshua, who is the IBF, WBO and WBA (Super) champion, has faced doping claims in the past, but Miller has gone one step further than his rivals by insisting it is ‘impossible’ the Brit has always been a clean athlete.

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‘No definitely, definitely had to be doing something, but like I said come June the 1st no matter what the hell you do, he could bring the devil behind him and I’ll still knock both of them the f*** out,’ Miller said when asked if he thought AJ is free of any doping suspicion.

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‘I study sport, I love it, my dad was a bodybuilder growing up, I’ve trained in [gyms that] have body builder athletes so we know about the whole steroids,’ Miller said.

‘We can see it, you can look at him and say “this dude is on steroids”, anybody who comes out of the amateurs at 220-something pounds, and a year later he’s on 240-something, there’s something wrong with that picture.

‘If they’re training everyday and your athlete is training for multiple fights there is no way you’re going to put on twenty something pounds of muscle in a year without taking some kinds of supplements – what I’m trying to say is it’s impossible.

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‘I know bodybuilders who train all year round on stuff and don’t put on that amount of muscle. But I get it it is what it is.’ Joshua and Eddie Hearn have always maintained he is one of the most drug tested athletes on the planet.

Miller, who served a doping ban during his kickboxing career, refused to back down on his accusations and suggested Joshua’s form is tailing off because he is unable to dope.

‘I think he will be [clean on fight night], I think my team has covered to figure out what angles you can and can’t do,’ he said.

‘Even if he did [take PEDs], I could give two fucks now, he’s been on it for a while now and I’ve seen a change in his physique, his stamina and his power from his last few fights.

‘From Dillian Whyte, to Joseph Parker, to Wladimir Klitschko, to Carlos Takam, smaller guys, less aggressive that don’t throw as many punches. I can see it.’

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Joshua is undefeated in 22 pro fights and has stopped every opponent bar Joseph Parker, who he beat to claim a third major world title. While Joshua is promising another explosive knockout, Miller detailed how the 29-year-old has become more vulnerable as the frequency of drug testing has increased.

He said: ‘Since he’s won the title, he’s been hurt every time, against smaller guys, smaller guys who don’t come forward the entire fight.

‘Watch how AJ knocks his opponents out: every time he knocks them out it’s tired of exhaustion or backing up. They’re not really coming forward. ‘Takam was coming forward, and started to get progressively better as the fight went on. ‘But they wanted to save that knockout ratio, the ref stopped the fight. What the hell are you stopping it for?