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Bob Massi Dead: Fox News Legal Analyst Loses Battle with Cancer at 67


FOX5 legal analyst, valley attorney Bob Massi dead.

Bob Massi, Fox News legal analyst and ‘Property Man’ host, has died

Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi died on Wednesday at the age of 67, from cancer.

Fox News legal analyst and Nevada real estate attorney Bob Massi, who gained a legion of fans across the country for explaining real estate and housing markets to ordinary Americans as “The Property Man,” died Wednesday morning at his home in Henderson, Nev., after an extended battle with cancer, his family said. He was 67.

He also sported quite a head of hair!

Massi was hired by Fox News not after launch in 1996, making him one of the network’s longest-serving legal contributors, and he appeared across seemingly all Fox News programming over the years.

Massi appeared on Fox Business in addition to his regular segments on Fox News. The St. Mary’s University School of Law graduate frequently appeared on “Fox & Friends” with segments titled “Rebuilding Dreams” and “Legal Ease.” He also was a prominent guest during high-profile trials, including those of Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony and Robert Blake.

Massi began his television career in Las Vegas in 1985.

Current and former TV and legal colleagues paid their respects on social media: