Home Business Apple agrees to pay €500m as tax settlement in France

Apple agrees to pay €500m as tax settlement in France


Apple has agreed to pay $570 million nearly (500 million euros)  to French authorities to settle a back-dated tax, French media reported on Tuesday.


“As a multinational company, Apple is regularly audited by fiscal authorities around the world,” Apple France said in a statement to Reuters. “The French tax administration recently concluded a multi-year audit on the company’s French accounts, and those details will be published in our public accounts.”

Apple said it had reached an agreement with French authorities to settle 10 years of back taxes, becoming the latest US company to reach a deal with France which has led a European push for higher taxes on tech giants

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French news weekly reported that Apple had paid nearly 500 million euros ($570 million) to resolve the case in a confidential settlement reached in December.

Apple declined to disclose the amount paid, but a source familiar with the case confirmed the figure to AFP.

“We know the important role taxes play in society and we pay our taxes in all the countries where we operate, in complete conformity with laws and practices in force at the local level,” the company said in its statement

French authorities declined to comment further, citing the confidentiality of tax matters.