Home Sports Wayne Rooney: England football legend arrested for public intoxication | Mugshot Photo

Wayne Rooney: England football legend arrested for public intoxication | Mugshot Photo


— Rooney’s arrest for public intoxication ‘due to mixing sleeping pills and alcohol’

— Ex- Manchester United striker charged for swearing & public intoxication at US airport

— Wayne Rooney blames arrest for intoxication on sleeping tablets

Wayne Rooney was arrested by armed police for public intoxication and swearing in Washington last month.

The England legend, who now plays for DC United, committed the offence on December 16 last year.

It is understood he was arrested by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority at Dulles airport, which is near the club’s stadium, for a class four misdemeanour before being released without bail.

A hearing was due to take place on January 24, but this has been waived after he paid a $25 fine with another $91 in costs earlier this month.

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A spokesman for Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said: “He was booked into the Loudoun County Adult Detention Centre on December 16, 2018, on a charge of public intoxication stemming from an arrest by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police (MWAA).

“He was later released on a personal recognizance bond.”

However, Rooney’s public intoxication arrest came when he was left “disorientated” by prescribed sleeping tablets he took on a flight while drinking, his spokesman said.

In a statement, the spokesman said: “Wayne Rooney was arrested and detained at Dulles airport following a long flight from Saudi Arabia after a one-day promotional business trip.

“During the flight Wayne took a prescribed amount of sleeping tablets mixed with some alcohol consumption and consequently was disorientated on arrival.

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“He was approached by police who arrested him on a minor misdemeanour charge.

“He received a statutory automatic fine and was released shortly afterwards at the airport. The matter is now at an end.

“Wayne would like to put on record his appreciation for the manner he was treated by all involved.

“No further comment will be made.”

Rob Yingling from Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police told the Mirror, Rooney was arrested after triggering a door alarm although said he did not breach security.

He said he was detained until he had sobered up.

Mr Yingling said: “On December 16, 2018, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police arrested Wayne Rooney at an International arrivals gate at Dulles International Airport.

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“Mr Rooney had triggered a door alarm but did not breach airport security.

“Mr Rooney was charged with public intoxication and transported to Loudoun County Detention Centre to be held until sober.”