Home Entertainment Vikings fans crown their king again as Travis Fimmel joins social media

Vikings fans crown their king again as Travis Fimmel joins social media


— Travis Fimmel joined Instagram Jan. 10

— The Vikings fans crown their king all over again as Travis Fimmel finally joins the world of the social

The quiet actor may have left the History Channel epic back in season four, but Ragnar Lothbrok remained in our hearts ever since, which has never been so evident than today.

The star has only uploaded one image yet he’s already scored over 300k followers, as he shared a selfie earlier this week.

As punters began to filter in and realise it was indeed the mighty Trav, his Vikings castmates and comrades also got in on the action as they took to his page to welcome the King.

He shared an image of himself on his farm with ‘Hey Insta it’s me’ scrawled across his forehead in black marker – leaving any caption out of it and letting his head to the talking. Alyssa Sutherland, who played Aslaug alongside Travis, took to Instagram earlier today to share an image of the two actors on set before they’re respective untimely demises. Seemingly as surprised as the lot of us about Travis’ new presence she wrote: ‘There were few things that were certain in life. Gravity, the sun rises in the east, I can never stop at “just a couple” of Doritos and Travis Fimmel doesn’t do social media…

‘Wait…#WTF @travisfimmel’ She added: ‘I think I’ll go be a flat earther.’ Alyssa then commented on his post: ‘NoMakeupSelfie.’ Travis’ on-screen son, Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn Ironside, his son with Lagertha, took to the comments section. He wrote: ‘Ow owwwwwww You sexy beast me so hornyyy.’ We’re going to assume horny like the Viking horns, right? Many other fans were just beside themselves to have him on social media after he previously said he doesn’t do any of that ‘sh*t’.

‘I don’t do any of that computer stuff. I don’t Instagram or Facebook. I don’t like all that sh*t,’ he said in 2014. ‘I’m a quiet person. There are just some people who want to be seen all the time. ‘My life’s not that interesting, to put it on the Internet.’ Ah well you’ve got a lot of fans who are happy to see you’ve changed your mind, Travis.