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See Wedding Photos of frowning Nigerian bride who married her prince charming that got people talking


— A Beautiful Nigerian Lady marries the love of her life recently.

Wedding photos of a lady who married her prince charming has gone viral.

The bride and groom stepped out hand in hand holding each other. From the photos, the groom’s face is filled with smiles while his beautiful bride on the other was not smiling at all. . Apart from the obvious height difference one could tell that the bride is not feeling this occassion at all.

See more photos and reactions below:

See some reactions below:

Commenter 1: Well I wouldn’t say ” money over everything ” she probably might ve seen in him what other men don’t have. Congratulations gal. 🔥🔥

Commenter 2:Whether it’s love or not, they’ve both made their choice and they are both adults so no hating guys. Best of luck to them. May the odds be in their favor

Commenter 3: Yeeeeee so dis my senior don finally marry wow fada lawd 2019 no go pass me buy oo

Commenter 4:  keep playing hard to get. And keep doing fyn boi🤣😂

Commenter 5:She is not happy I think

Recall that similar marriages occurred in 2018

If pictures could speak then a photo of a dwarf man and his bride that is now making waves on the internet will express the power of a united couple who have chosen to be together against the world.

The viral photo shows the couple in their fancy wedding attire looking like they exchanged vows to be husband and wife, till death tears them apart.

Social media users have managed to find the loved up photo of the couple inspiring. In reality, it shows that anyone can find love and there’s truly someone out there for everyone.

Here’s photos another couple in their blissful marriage ceremony in 2018.

Despite the visible inequality in height between the groom and bride, the cute couple overcame all criticisms as they sealed their union in a big way