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Nigerian girl calls out her dad on social media — Troubling Family Accusation


— “If you don’t see me on earth anymore my own father killed me,” she wrote.

Ogun State community leader’s daughter calls him out.

An upcoming Nollywood actress Fadekemi Opeyemi Riam is starting the 2019 in a bad mood. This is based on her recent revelation of who her father to her.

According to the  actress on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, her father is an enemy within that she does not wish anyone should have such a father like hers.

Fadekemi Riam wrote:

Dear father alhaji usman opeyemi for 41yeara my mother has been with you for 42 years she has endured pain for over 41years u will cook with 15k food and finish in two days and this woman will soak garri for over 41years she lived like someone who’s destiny has been used u chased her to live in the house where scorpion lives I need an explanation to this dear father how on earth will u arrest a woman who suffered with you for over 41years I don’t wanna do this but I don’t have a choice Alhaji opeyemi usman otunba of ibogunland