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Davido finally fulfills his promise, rewards boy with N1m cash for protecting girls at his concert | Photos


— Boy shocked as he finally receives the sum of N1m from Davido

— Singer Davido rewards boy with N1m for protecting girls at his concert

Recall that the Assurance crooner shut down the city of Lagos on December 27, with a sold out concert that had thousands of fans super excited. At a point during the now heavily-discussed concert, the singer reportedly had one of his people spraying money in the air. It resulted in a heavy rush and some guys reportedly started groping girls.

However, one certain guy decided to protect all the ladies he could and he got spotted by the superstar Davido. He was then brought up on stage and praised for being a hero. While other rushed to enrich themselves with cash handed out, the unidentified boy decided to safe girls from any possible abuse.

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For being brave and responsible, Davido, instructed his people to gift him N1 million naira and the young man immediately started jumping and rolling in jubilation on stage and thanking OBO for his generosity.

Also, recall that this boy earlier made a video accusing Davido of not fulfilling his promise just 2 days after the concert.

The IF singer stumbled on the video and reacted in a hilarious way. And made a video of his own in which he mocked the guy by dwelling on the continuous phrase “I call Lati”. He was not the only one in the video. He was with other members of his crew.

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In his video, the guy in question kept saying that he called a person named Lati who was meant to be in charge of paying him his money. But this Lati fellow did not respond as he wanted him to. He kept evading the guy’s attempt to reach out to him.

This encounters with the person named Lati must have aggrieved the guy and caused him to come out in the open and claim that he has not received any amount. See post: