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Awkward! Singer Kelsy Karter gets Harry Styles tattooed permanent on her face and it doesn’t even look like him


The US singer Kelsy Karter’s Harry Styles tattoo on her FACE really is a sight to behold

Kelsy Karter who has made no secret of her love for Harry Styles, decided to get his face tattooed on her face. And it’s not a henna tattoo.

It’s not a sticker: it’s very, very permanent. The inking was done by Los Angeles- based tattoos artist Romeo Lacoste, who’s big with YouTubers (the Dolan Twins got their tats done there).

She shared the bizarre results on Instagram, writing: ‘Mama, look what I made me do.’ Needless to say her face tattoo went down with fans like a lead balloon. ‘Dafuq,’ one confused fan wrote.

Other reactions included, ‘omg no,’ ‘what in the ever-loving fuck,’ ‘this is some next level shit right here’ and ‘Literally I can’t even.’ Several eagle-eyed Instagrammers also pointed out the painfully obvious: it doesn’t even look like Harry. ‘This doesn’t even look like harry y’all did him so DIRTY,’ Emily Louise lamented.

‘You couldn’t have just gotten him a birthday card like everyone else?’ another fan asked. Earlier this month the singer teased fans with what she was planning on doing for Harry on his birthday, which is on 1 February. On 18 January she tweeted: ‘Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday…’

The singer has made it known that she really, really likes the former frontman for One Direction, though it isn’t known if they’re friends or even if they’ve ever met. She recently tweeted: ‘It’s 2019 and Harry Styles is still the best looking human.’