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Boyfriend Wanted! Apply — UK’s youngest Euromillions winner to ‘pay a man £60,000 to be her boyfriend’


Jane Park, Britain’s youngest Euromillions winner will ‘pay a man £60,000 to be her boyfriend’

  • The Lottery winner is said to be setting up her own website where men can apply
  • The 23-year-old has been ‘lonely’ since her win
  • Jane Park is offering £60,000 to the right man

They say money can’t buy you love – unless you’re a Lottery millionaire. Euromillions winner Jane Park is reportedly offering to pay a man £60,000 to date her after a series of failed relationships.

The 23-year-old, who became Britain’s youngest winner aged just 17, is even launching a website so men can apply for the role online.

Jane Park, UK’s youngest Euromillions winner will ‘pay a man £60,000 to be her boyfriend’

According to report,  the process will then be filmed for a new documentary, set to air next year.

‘Jane is amazing and has so much to give but she has found herself alone again as since she won, she’s had terrible luck,’ they said.

‘She’s never sure whether she is being loved for herself or for her bank balance. So she would rather have the arrangement out in the open.

‘Jane has a tendency to be insecure sometimes and worries about people’s motives. She is willing to pay the right price for someone loyal.’ They went on to add: ‘Loyalty is the most important thing to her – the money is a small price to pay.’

Jane Park, UK’s youngest Euromillions winner will ‘pay a man £60,000 to be her boyfriend’

Ms Park became the youngest ever Euromillions winner when she won £1million aged just 17. The money allowed her to quit her £8-an-hour job as an admin temp and move out of the Edinburgh council flat she shared with her mum.

Other investments included plastic surgery on her teeth, boobs and bum, as well as a new car, house and several luxurious holidays. But it would seem Ms Park has struggled to find someone to share her fortune with, having found herself unlucky in love. Last year she appeared on This Morning to describe her life as ‘lonely’ and ’empty’.

In 2017, she dated X Factor contestant Sam Callahan, but the relationship ended after she caught him kissing singer Soheila Clifford at a party. While a short-lived fling with Scottish reality star Brian Matthews came to a halt when it was revealed he had a secret girlfriend. Ms Park has even considered taking legal action against Euromillions, arguing that people under the age of 18 should not be allowed to win.


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