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Meet The Walkers: A Love Story that started with ‘NO, I don’t like short people to YES I will marry a short MAN’


It’s good to aspire greater things e.g height in live — Man weds the tall lady that curved him 7 years ago.

Love is what makes the world go round. When two hearts belong together, nothing on earth can stop the magnetic attraction. For newly-wed groom, Damilola, his journey to into the arms of his lover began seven years ago.

He shared details of his hilarious love story on Twitter and people can’t help but believe that cupid has a funny way of making things happen. According to Damilola while himself and his wife had the time of their lives tying the knot recently, their journey as a couple has been one with many ups and downs.

The groom shared a cute photo and revealed that it all started seven years ago. The man who appears shorter than his wife, advised other men to believe in their desire instead of accepting defeat after their first trial.

His beautiful love affair began when he asked his wife for a dance but she turned him down, saying she doesn’t dance with short men. Instead of giving up and developing low self esteem, he went back and in 2018, his walking down the aisle with the love of his life.

Read his hilarious story below:

Pre-wedding photos of the couple have been making waves on the internet, with many people admiring the lovers who have chosen their love for each other over superficiality.

Here are more photos of the delightful couple below: