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I was humiliated and disrespected by Nigerian Police – singer Omawumi cries out


Omawumi calls out Nigerian Police for their misconduct

Popular Nigerian singer Omawumi has taken to twitter to express her dissatisfaction over the way she was allegedly treated by officers of the Nigerian Police Force.

Omawumi, although did not state what led to the humiliation she suffered, but in her post, she mentioned that the officers disrespected her as a citizen of the country after she was marked for a Stop and Search.

She tweeted:

I’m a proud Nigerian that louds the effort of the NPF(Nigeria police force) but today I was a victim of uniformed officers that abused their office.

If you want to stop and search.. do it respectfully. I was disrespected today and if I didn’t put my foot down or I didn’t know my rights, I would have ended up seriously hurt

We can do better by ourselves.. in any position we find ourselves. You owe it to your citizens to be/do better.

This will not be the first time that Nigerian celebrities will be humiliated by Police officers. The recent being an incident that involved rapper Zoro, who claimed that SARS officers in Port-Harcourt also shot him and his crew members dead, even after they had obeyed their orders to stop their the vehicle they were traveling in