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C Struggs dead: Rapper dies of cancer, age 32


C Struggs dies after being given just eight weeks to live

Rapper C Struggs whose real name Corey has died after a long battle with cancer aged just 32.

The rapper, from Dallas, Texas, rose to fame after performing with Rick Ross on the hit Do it before releasing his own successful tracks Work, How Ya Come and Give 2 Fuccs.

According to The Sun, the father-of-three was given just eight weeks to live, but but ended up sadly passing away after the disease ‘ripped through his body’ in his final days.

Talking to UrbanIslandz, a source revealed that the Dallas born star’s health quickly deteriorated over the past couple of weeks.

They said: ‘He was putting up a good fight because he was recording music and even doing videos and all that s**t, but his health got really bad over the last couple of days. ‘His death is a big blow to the community because he was someone who was loved by everyone he ain’t got no beef, everyone love Struggs.’

Fans have already started to pay tribute with fellow rapper Biz Markie who took to Twitter to pay his respects.

He wrote:

‘RIP C Struggs, a true Dallas legend, gifted w/ the ability to transmute rap into both wounded gospel and trunk-rattling trap, an asphalt preacher, a born hustler, a repentant sinner, a soulman like no other.

He seemed possessed by ancient wisdom but passed far too soon.’ Struggs, real name Corey Struggs, was father to three sons, Corey Jr, Cortez and Torey, who died in an accident in 2014. He had recently paid tribute to his own father, who also died of cancer four years ago.

In April this year he underwent surgery to try and beat cancer so that he could raise his two young sons.

Taking to Twitter at the time, he wrote: ‘FB Fam im having surgery on my necc n head April 3rd please pray for me frfr I’ve never had surgery or been to sleep before but in order for me to have a chance to live n raise Corey n Cortez I gotta do this. (sic)’


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