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Catholic Priest disguises as Mad Man, begs for alms at church gate in Nnewi Anambra | Watch his member’s reaction


A  Video of Catholic Priest Who Disguised as Beggar, Mad Man In Nnewi Anambra Church Goes  Viral

Church members chase ‘supposed mad man’ away from church premises unknown to them that he was the catholic priest

Check out this viral video of a catholic priest who caught his followers by surprise in Nnewi Anambra state recently when he disguised as a beggar and sat by his church gate to beg for alms.

Sadly, many people trooping into the church ignored him. Some even chased him away from the church premises.

His name is Reverend Father Thaddeus Ilechukwu aka Egwu Umu mmuo.

The native of Ihiala is a priest of Nnewi Diocese of Adoration Ministry.

His followers were touched when he suddenly removed his ragged attire to reveal his true identity.

The viral video shared by one of his church members, Teddy Okuma on Facebook has been shared over 1800 times.



  1. Comment:That is intandem with the gospel of Saint Matthew 25:25 when i once hungry did you give me food? tasty did you give me water to drink? and on the last day when Christ shall asked this many will say lord where did i see you, that i didn’t do all this for you? And Jesus Christ will say what ever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me.
    It is equally to teach us a lesson that in the streets today not all who are psychopaths thanks very much prof. Kingsley John Santos the Lion King.

  2. Wonderful message, sign of Christ coming, even in d church a beggar come to beg & u ppl r driving him away, God should have mercy on us

  3. This is a very good example by the priest, so many goes to church yet there’s no single proof christianity in them no Jesus said that the judgement will start from the church.

  4. Father, you have done well to reveal the eye service nature of man to his neighbor, this is what is going on around the world.
    Man is really not his brother’s keeper, contrary to what Jesus commanded us as Christians to be doing.

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