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BBNaija star, Alex drops wise words for woman that proclaim ‘KING’ title


— Please,remove the king from my name and put the respect on my man, Alex says

– Nigerian reality TV game show star, Alex drops wisdom nuggets on social media

BBNaija’s Alex has made an attempt to school some of those people by airing her opinion about the distinction between a queen and king.

In a recent post shared on Twitter, the 22-year-old revealed she has no business being referred to as a king, when she can be a queen and still actively rule her kingdom. Her post immediately sent a million messages to those who rather bask in the glory of being a king rather than a queen, despite being female.

So Naomi said it nd I hv been thinkn.If I call me a king,does dt make my man a queen? Pls,remove d king frm my name,put dt respect on my man.*I didn’t say I hv a man o🤣*.I’m a Queen nd absolutely hv no interest in being a King or called 1.I cn be a Queen nd still rule my Kingdom

Read her post below:

On the other hand, Nollwood actress Tonto Dikeh gladly calls herself King Tonto and a former BBNaija housemate, Cee C proudly proclaims herself as ‘king Cee C’. One then wonders if the same is to be referred to her future husband, if he indeed happens to be royalty or heir to a throne.

For education purposes, it is important to note that the functions of queen and king are mostly the same except for their gender, based on the definition given by the dictionary. So, easily, many will side with Alex’s subtle wisdom in choosing what biology has by default bestowed on her.

According to the dictionary, a king is the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

While a queen is same except in gender. Overtime some women have grown accustom to describing themselves as kings cleaving to the perceived power, ultimately, indirectly rubbishing the position of a queen or thinking it less befitting for their larger than life attitudes.