Home Entertainment Spoilers Alert! Another Walking Major Character Dies in Latest Episode

Spoilers Alert! Another Walking Major Character Dies in Latest Episode


First off: spoilers for the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead are posted below.

As DJ Khaled would say: Another one. The mid-season finale for the fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead aired last night (10 June) – a repeat screening will air in the UK tonight at 9pm on AMC UK – with the episode spelling the end for (final spoiler warning) Madison.

A mainstay since the first-ever episode back in August 2015, the end of Madison’s (played by Kim Dickens) time on the zombie-filled show is the latest major character to depart during this current season.

At least she died a hero’s death: locked in a walker-filled baseball stadium having sacrificed herself for the good of her family, and firing one last flare off in a show of defiance. Before, y’know, she was then seemingly torn to shreds by a horde of the undead.

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Speaking on the show’s accompanying commentary show The Talking Dead, Dickens – who said she was ‘devastated’ to find out from showrunners that her character was being killed off – suggested that there wouldn’t be a reprieve for her character. ‘It’s so sad,’ she said. ‘Madison has been an incredible character to play. I feel like I worked my whole career to get to this point to play her. ‘It’s been an honour.’

Dickens said she’d relished playing ‘a complicated woman with a dark past [who has] a very strong and good instinct’. ‘She’s a mother. When you inform your story from there, it turns things on its head,’ she added.

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‘It spins you out from the stories you can tell.’ The fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead will resume after its break on August 12 – who will get the chop next?