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Omg! A prankster dad embraces son, hides 12-inch sex toy in his airport hand luggage then this happens next


A dad left his son very red-faced after he hid 12-inch s£x toy in his son’s airport hand luggage

This is the hilarious moment a prankster dad left his son incredibly red-faced at airport security.

Ted Andressen, from New Orleans in Louisiana, smuggled a 12-inch s£x toy in his son’s carry on luggage – along with a pot of lubrication.

The shocked airport worker can’t hide her smile when she lifts the offending object out of his luggage.

Dad Ted posted the footage on Facebook with the caption: “When you plant a 12 inch dildo and lube in your sons carry on. Priceless.”

He started filming his son, who has not been named, and waited for the female member of security staff to discover the rogue s£x toy.

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At first she pulls out a neck cushion and then a transparent bag used for liquids.

That is when the young man spots the s£x toy for the first time.

He turns to the people behind him with a look of horror and embarrassment on his face and tries to hide his shame.

The group behind the camera are in fits of laughter as even the airport worker starts to lose her composure.

She says: “Look at you, you don’t know what’s in your bag.”

The highly-embarrassed son eventually turns to the camera and says: “A**holes.”

A member of the party then comes in and gives him a hug.

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He then realises how the s£x toy was smuggled into his bag and says: “That’s why you all wanted me to go and smoke a cigarette.”

A man can then be heard saying: “Sorry for wasting your time ma’am,” as she repacks his bag.

The footage, uploaded on Thursday, has been shared more than 330,000 times.