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‘I feel violated & confused’ — Young lady reveals how a Lagos doctor assaulted her at the hospital


Lagos — Doctor leaves what he was suppose to treat and  began touching his patient’s bodily assets.

— Nigerian lady recounts how she was harassed at a Lagos hospital

Cases of men harassing women seem to be on the rise despite several awareness programs organized by the government.

A beautiful young lady has taken to social media to narrate how a doctor harassed her when she visited the hospital for checkup.

Identified as Yoruba_delta girl on Twitter, the lady claimed that she had gone to the hospital for ulcer treatment when the doctor began touching other parts of her body.

She said:

“I went for ulcer treatment which requires stomach massage. From massage this doctor started massaging my chest and private part. I’m still confused. I feel violated.”

Following her tweet, some of her followers have come out to say she might be lying while another disclosed that he can never marry a woman who can’t defend herself.

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One @Blackcloud380 said: “It’s not an insult ma dear, I’m just so disappointed that an enlightened and educated lady as you could scoop this low. I pictured my wife in that situation before I replied tho, I think I’d just divorce her but God forbid I settle for a girl that can’t defend herself spontaneously.”

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